Tribute to Irene McGreal, 1952-2023

Irene Elizabeth McGreal (née Gillender)

IRES is saddened to announce that Irene McGreal, wife of IRES past-president Professor Dr. Stanley McGreal, passed away peacefully on 18th March, 2023. She was the loving mother of Barbara and Bryan, and devoted granny to Finn and Harry. In life she lived for those she loved and those she loved remember.

The IRES leaders feel a tremendous sense of loss with Irene’s passing.  Her absence will be felt on the many continents where she participated in sister society conferences and touched the lives of many of our members.  We will sorely miss her laughter and sense of humor.

Family flowers only, donations if desired, direct to Friends of the Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital 51, Lisburn Rd, Belfast BT9 7AB or via Irene’s MuchLoved tribute page at

In Memoriam Professor Chan Pak Woon David

The international real estate research community mourns the loss of one our leaders, Dr. David Chan, President of the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) and member of the IRES Board of Directors, on 9 November 2022.

Prof. Chan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a master’s degree in China laws from Jinan University, and a doctoral degree of management science in tourist management from Sun Yat-Sen University. He also completed an Advanced Management Programme from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Dr. Chan had more than 30 years of experience in the hotels and resorts industry and previously held managerial roles in several international hotel chains, including Area Vice President of Grand Hyatt Guangzhou. In addition, he actively contributed to the development of the industry.

Dr. Chan became Professor and Director of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management in the Faculty of Business Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018 where he was highly respected and regarded as a peer, supervisor, leader, mentor, and friend. Dr. Chan joined the AsRES Board of Directors in 2019, became Vice President in 2020, President Elect in 2021, and President July 2022. He was also elected as one of the three AsRES representatives to the IRES. Board of Directors. He was also serving as President of the Global Chinese Real Estate Congress at the time of his death.

In Memoriam Professor Emilio Haddad

The international real estate research community mourns the loss of one our leaders, Prof. Dr. Emilio Haddad, former president of the Latin American Real Estate Society (LARES,) on July 2, 2022.

Son of immigrants who already lived in Brazil, Emilio Haddad was born in Lebanon when his parents were there visiting relatives. He graduated in Physics at University of São Paulo (USP), out of passion and in Civil Engineering at Escola Politécnica, out of vocation. He also studied at Stanford University and at University of California at Berkeley.  He completed his doctoral research at FAU –  Architecture and Urbanism School at University of São Paulo, focusing on the subdivision of cities in homogeneous zones, for planning purposes.  

Emilio started his career at Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (IPT) in São Paulo, until, after his master’s degree abroad, he was invited to become a professor at FAU on urban planning techniques. In 1983, Emilio took office as a director of COHAB-SP, the São Paulo city housing company. In 1986 he left City government to become a director of the USP Campus Management Authority. He was responsible for the creation of graduate courses at FAU on Introduction to Real Estate Markets and Urban Planning Policy. He also coordinated an MBA program at FUPAM (a foundation supporting FAU), on real estate development.

More recently, after his retirement, Emilio coordinated a project on the real estate market in Paraisópolis, one of the largest favelas (slums) in São Paulo city.

A first moment enthusiast of LARES, Prof. Haddad was present on its activities since its out birth, in 1998. He participated on all LARES conferences since then, presenting papers, coordinating panels, helping in prize awarding, always supporting and stimulating students and fellow professors to join in. He represented LARES in many meetings of the sister societies and of IRES. He presided LARES on 2005 and was awarded with IRES service award in 2010.

His good humor, intelligence and positive attitude towards life will remain in the memories of all those who had the opportunity of having him as a friend and colleague. He will be sorely missed and we would like to remind him through some of our best images.

On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors,

Dr. Karen M. Gibler, IRES Executive Director

Dr. Francois Viruly, IRES President

GWIRE 2022 – Video of Resilient Real Estate Presentation posted

In this session, our speaker will explore collaborative pathways to anticipating and responding to shocks and stresses that threaten the resilience of real estate and its practice.

Keynote Speaker: Basirat Ashabi Oyalowo, University of Lagos

Basirat Oyalowo is a senior lecturer/researcher in the Department of Estate Management at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She consulted on the preparation of the Lagos Resilience Strategy, and thereafter co-produced a community resilience action plan. Her current research focusses on life-cycle financing for neighbourhood resilience. She also manages UNILAG’s Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development.

Watch video here