Conference Panels

Each year the IRES President selects a theme and organizes panel discussions at each of the sister societies’ conferences. The purpose of the panels is to bring together a multinational group of researchers, educators, and practitioners to discuss a topic that is globally relevant to members.  A list of some of previous years’ topics is presented below.

  • 2009      Global Real Estate Markets  – Global Turmoil
  • 2010      What Students, Teachers, and Researchers Should Know about Real Estate in Emerging Markets
  • 2011      Global Real Estate Education
  • 2012      Opportunities for International Mobility in Real Estate Education and Research
  • 2013      Property Research in Universities – Including Doctoral Student Training
  • 2014      Fulbrights, Fellows and Funding;  How to Obtain and Report on Research Grants
  • 2015      Technology Needs in Education; The Gap Between Academics and Practitioners
  • 2016      Sustainability, Livability, Wellness and Real Estate
  • 2017      The Crisis and Housing Curriculum
  • 2018      Infrastructure
  • 2019      Big Data
  • 2020 Young Scholars:  How to Grow and Thrive in Academia
  • 2021 Global Investing; Women Researchers in Real Estate
  • 2022 Sustainability
  • 2023 Academic Research Relevance to Industry
  • 2024     Innovative Solutions for Affordable Housing