ERES 2023 Panel in London

The extent to which our academic research is proving useful to practitioners by IRES

IRES Panel at ERES Conference

July, 13 2023

Mr. Williams has enjoyed a 50-year career in commercial real estate beginning as an appraiser before opening an advisory business. Steve has recently retired from his full-time role as RCA’s Executive Managing Director where he acted as global ambassador to contribute to the company’s international expansion.  Over the years Steve has held prominent leadership roles in the real estate industry including Past President of RICS. He sits on the Board of IRES. Educationally, Steve has been a visiting lecturer at Duke University and a board member of the University of Wisconsin’s Global Real Estate Masters (GREM) program.


Steve Williams, FRICS,

Director – Capright


Simon Mallinson

Alan Dalgleish

Bert Teuben