In Memoriam Professor Emilio Haddad

The international real estate research community mourns the loss of one our leaders, Prof. Dr. Emilio Haddad, former president of the Latin American Real Estate Society (LARES,) on July 2, 2022.

Son of immigrants who already lived in Brazil, Emilio Haddad was born in Lebanon when his parents were there visiting relatives. He graduated in Physics at University of São Paulo (USP), out of passion and in Civil Engineering at Escola Politécnica, out of vocation. He also studied at Stanford University and at University of California at Berkeley.  He completed his doctoral research at FAU –  Architecture and Urbanism School at University of São Paulo, focusing on the subdivision of cities in homogeneous zones, for planning purposes.  

Emilio started his career at Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas (IPT) in São Paulo, until, after his master’s degree abroad, he was invited to become a professor at FAU on urban planning techniques. In 1983, Emilio took office as a director of COHAB-SP, the São Paulo city housing company. In 1986 he left City government to become a director of the USP Campus Management Authority. He was responsible for the creation of graduate courses at FAU on Introduction to Real Estate Markets and Urban Planning Policy. He also coordinated an MBA program at FUPAM (a foundation supporting FAU), on real estate development.

More recently, after his retirement, Emilio coordinated a project on the real estate market in Paraisópolis, one of the largest favelas (slums) in São Paulo city.

A first moment enthusiast of LARES, Prof. Haddad was present on its activities since its out birth, in 1998. He participated on all LARES conferences since then, presenting papers, coordinating panels, helping in prize awarding, always supporting and stimulating students and fellow professors to join in. He represented LARES in many meetings of the sister societies and of IRES. He presided LARES on 2005 and was awarded with IRES service award in 2010.

His good humor, intelligence and positive attitude towards life will remain in the memories of all those who had the opportunity of having him as a friend and colleague. He will be sorely missed and we would like to remind him through some of our best images.

On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors,

Dr. Karen M. Gibler, IRES Executive Director

Dr. Francois Viruly, IRES President