In Memoriam Mr. Akinola Kayode Edwin Olawore

The international real estate research community mourns the loss of one our leaders. Akin Olawore represented the best of what our organization was created to achieve: encouraging communication, cooperation, and coordination of real estate research and education on a worldwide basis.
Akin took on our mission as his own. He played a vital role within the African Real Estate Society and assisted with its integration and recognition among its global sister societies. His efforts were recognized with the IRES Service Award in 2011. However, Akin’s work was not confined to Africa. He was elected President of IRES in 2013 to lead the global association of six sister societies.

During his years on the IRES Board of Directors and as President, Akin was a voice of reason and compromise. A true diplomat, he represented all the societies with equal consideration and concern. He emphasized the need for the Latin American and African societies to mature and become equal working partners with the older, more established organizations. He also explored the potential for the creation of a Middle East North African Real Estate Society.
A truly global citizen, Akin developed bonds and friendships on all the continents amongst academics and professionals. We appreciate how much he shared of himself with us. He will be sorely missed.

On behalf of the Officers and Board of Directors,

Dr. Karen M. Gibler
IRES Executive Director

Steven C. Bourassa, PhD
IRES President